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Who we are?
Shenzhen Shijingu Technology Co.,ltd is the company name, it was established on 2012. The business on AAS was started since then.

What we supply?
Items (categories) we are supplying:

All finished products are unfortunately NOT available at the moment. But we are now planning to supply injectable oils in sterile vials and pressed tablets for future business. Subscribe on our blog and be noted once the finished products are available.

What our clients say?

Band Owner

Band Ownerfrom Europe

‘OK. I sent my to a lab in France and got a result of 370mg/ml on the Ena and 114mg/ml on the Prop. So that is good but my order was for the 350mg/ml. i have already labeled and packed all of it in boxes of 350mg/ml. So now the customers get a little bit extra. Regards’

Raws Dealer

Raws Dealerfrom Asia

‘Your test-e came back 343mg 🙂
very good. time to buy more stuff next week.
But remember…
I do test all my batches for brand protection.
but very good.’

Brand Owner

Brand Ownerfrom Europe

‘Just to give you a heads up. You asked for hplc results which I did not have done. But did get blood results back After 6 weeks on 300mg twice weekly (600 total) 72hrs after last shot I was 3200ngdl. I think that’s very respectable I do have intentions of 1L of test e, and 500ml of tren e …’


Wholesalerfrom America

‘Primo 200 hplc comes out 212mg,
I am testing for PIP now,
A little sore. Not painful and not as bad as organon Sustanon.
Currently no pain or swelling but I don’t know others.’

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Why choose us?

Discreet Packaging

Discreet packaging methods for all orders, both powder and oils. And we keep updating the methods accordingly.

Multiple Payment

Payment options available: WU, MG, T/T, BTC, ETH & LTC. Extra gifts for BTC, ETH & LTC.

24/7 Secure Chat

Wickr, Threema, Singal, Whatsapp and secure email box. Contact us if you’re using others not listed.
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