Anabolic Steroid Powders Displacement Chart

steroid powder displacement

Anabolic Steroid Powders Displacement Chart

After steroid powders are dissolved in solvents, the grand total volume of the blend will be increased, but how much it will be for each product? Here are some data for the powders’ displacement testing.

  • 1 gram displaces

Abbreviations & Displacement Data.

AbbreviationFull NameDisplacement
TEtestosterone enanthate1g displaces approx. 0.943mL
TCtestosterone cypionate1g displaces approx. 0.909mL
TPtestosterone propionate1g displaces approx. 0.908mL
TPPtestosterone phenylpropionate1g displaces approx. 0.885mL
SUSTsustanon 250 (testosterone blend)1 g displaces approx. 0.931 ml
TDtestosterone decanoate1g displaces approx. 0.962mL
TRAtrenbolone acetate1g displaces approx. 0.848mL
TREtrenbolone enanthate1g displaces approx. 0.909mL
PEmethenolone enanthate 1 g displaces approx. 0.75 ml
NPPnandrolone phenylpropionate1 g displaces approx. 0.942 ml
DECAnandrolone decaonate1g displaces approx. 0.962mL
EQboldenone undecylenate1 g displaces approx. 0.998 ml
MPmasterone propionate1g displaces approx 0.935mL
MEmasterone enanthate1g displaces approx 0.912mL

Looking for a calculator for making steroid oils? Check our steroid powder calculator and these data can be used here.


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