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[Closed] Summer Promotions on!!!  


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06/06/2018 8:07 am  

Dear all,  🤗  😎 

We glad to announce that we offer 10% off for all premixed steroid oil products on our store. Please use this code: raws10P


Besides, for raw powder products, please use the codes below for discounts:

RAWSS100 = US$100 off, for orders US$3,999;

RAWSS50 = US$50 off, for orders US$2,499;

RAWSS30 = US$30 off, for orders US$1,499;

RAWSS20 = US$20 off, for orders US$999;

RAWSS10 = US$10 off, for orders US$499;


These codes will be expired on 07/28/2018. Hurry!!


Kind regards,  🍻  🍻 has started the AAS business since 2014.


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