Frequently Asked Questions

'How to order?' 'Delivery Time?' 'Signature required?' 'Price list?' ...

Your funds can be returned before tracking number is provided.

We are not supplying LED lights, this is damn steroid business, no one wants to see packages seized by customs. Both of us are losing packages if it happened unfortunately. After the tracking number is provided, we can only do reshipping.

Please make sure you are clear on this point before any orders are placed!

It’s easy! Just a few simple steps :

  • add products to cart;
  • place the order;
  • we email you payment details;
  • you make payment;
  • your item is shipped;

VERY easy!! 😉

Go to our webshop and place your order now!

Payment are proceeded offline via david@pharmade.com after order is confirmed.

Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Western Union and Money Gram.

payment-gateway rawsteroids.com

All the payment details are offered after your order was placed via david@pharmade.com
Just for information, for purchased clients, we strongly request our clients to confirm fresh account details before placing new orders.

Payment details/instructions will be offered after your order is placed. Let us know your preferred payment method on checkout page. Your order will be reserved for 3 days without payment.

Once the payment is received, your order will be shipped out within 1~2 weekdays for all the products in stock. For products which are out of stock, it will take 3~5 days and it will be longer if we paused supplying the product.
Please check the ‘in stock’ or ‘out of stock’ status on our store.

Tracking number will be offered within 48h~72h after payment via david@pharmade.com

You can also check your order status here:

We can only tell that the estimated time of arrival is 5~8 days via express courier; it’s 15~20 days via slow post.
Packages will be proceeded by delivery courier and customs, it’s out of fully control on arrival time.

All orders will be packaged with our best discrete packaging methods and we keep updating the methods.

Before orders were placed, we don’t disucss any details of our package and shipping methods. We do understand your concerns, while we are making the real deal since 2013 and we do know something on how customs works in different countries.

Reshipment policies are different based on order size and destination country.

For smooth shipping countries, we are able to reship 100% with free charges for once;
For tough shipping countries, we are not able to reship or reship small part of your order or reship with new orders placed.

Tough customs countries: Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Paraguay, France, Spain, Norway, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Japan. (The list may be updated.)
Other countries are treated as smooth shipping countries so far.

We’re always trying our best to increase the success rate with best shipping and packaging methods. All orders will be reshipped if seized unfortunately 100%.
But it may not be in one time, we might need you to cover part of the costs according to order size or reship with your new orders placed. And we are able to reship only once with free charges.

* Final interpretation is reserved by www.rawsteroids.com. You need to agree the above policy before placing any orders.

Unfortunately, final product such as, tablets, capsules and injectable oils in 10mL vials are unavailable.

  • For steroids, we have semi-finished oil conversion form and raw powder powder form. But there is only one more further step to take – sterile filtration, once that’s done, the oils are ready for injection or for your wholesale business;
  • For sarms, we have oral liquids (packaged in bulk bottles, 100mL minimum) and raw powder form;
  • For other ancillaries, we have oral liquid form (packaged in bulk bottles, 100mL minimum) and raw powder form.

We could be your reliable source and offer the professional full guide for your steroid business if you are going to produce your own products. We will be helpful for you to start your own brands.