≥98% Testosterone Acetate

≥98% Testosterone Acetate


  • Alias: Test Ace;
  • Cas ID: 1045-69-8
  • Melting point: 139-141 °C.
  • Appearance: white crystalline powder.
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Testosterone Acetate Powder Overview.

Testosterone enanthate (powder) is a slow-acting, long-ester, injectable testosterone compound that is commonly prescribed for the treatment of hypogonadism – low testosterone levels and various related symptoms in males. Test enan should be one of the best for new steroid users as a basic.

Must-Know Information For Testosterone Acetate Powder.

Once your testosterone acetate powder is received, please store it in a sealed container and put it in refrigerator at around -20°C. The shelf life is 4 years if stored properly.

  • Testosterone acetate powder’s melting point is 139-141 °C.
  • Testosterone acetate will require a more frequent injections schedule to keep blood and hormone levels stable. And the PIP with test ace will be similar to test prop or even worse.
  • The highest strength was made for testosterone acetate oil is 100mg/ml.

Making Testosterone Acetate Oil with Powder.

For more concentrations, you might need to use the steroid powder calculator.

Recipe for test acetate oil 100mg/ml
  • Dissolving formula for test ace oil 500ml @100mg/ml:
  • around 50g test enan powder,
  • 344.5ml GSO(Grapeseed oil),
  • 10ml (2%) BA(benzyl alcohol),
  • 100ml (20%) BB(benzyl benzoate).
  • GSO(Grapeseed oil) can be replaced by other carrier oil.


More About Testosterone Acetate.

Except testosterone base (no ester), testosterone with acetate ester should be one of the fastest acting even when compared to esters like Enathate, Cypionate and even Propionate, etc. That means testosterone acetate will require a more frequent injections schedule to keep blood and hormone levels stable but is great for tested athletes because it clears the body very quickly, it might be not for begginners.

Testosterone is a steroid sex hormone that has physiological roles in both sexes. It modulates the development of brain structure and differentiation of neurons during intrauterine development. It activates signaling by androgen receptors that results in the formation of male sex organs, growth of facial hair and muscles.

Testosterone-based steroids are generally considered one of the greatest basis for any steroid cycle. This product has a high androgenic and anabolic nature and as a result many athletes that take it see big boosts when it comes to their strength and size. As well as increasing athletic performance the medication can boost overall libido and improve sex drive. Due to the aromatizing nature of this product it’s important to consider counteracting any negative estrogen-based side effects with the help of anti-estrogens.

Supplementing this medication with ant estrogen’s like Arimidex and Nolvadex can ensure that there are no side effects throughout a cycle. It’s also extremely important to consider post cycle body chemistry. Ensuring that your body will continue to produce testosterone after being supplemented for so long is a big concern for many athletes. Taking HCG and Nolvadex after you finish a cycle on this medication will ensure that your body hormone levels will turn back to their normal state and that you can hold onto all of the performance results that you gained through the cycle. PCT will need to take place 3 to 4 weeks after your cycle to ensure proper body chemistry. The recommended dosage on this product for men is 250-1000mg each week. Women should not take this product.


900x180 brewing guide-steroid powder to oil calculator

Brewing guide - steroid powder to oil calculator


How to use this Anabolic Steroid calculator

To calculate 40ml of oil at 100mg/ml with 2% ba and 18%
(1) In the oil field enter 40
(2) In the dosage field enter 100
(3) Unless you know for sure, usually leave powder weight alone.
(4)  BA Concentration is set at  2%, if you wanted less, then change it accordingly
(5) BB concentration is set at  18%, if you wanted less, then change it accordingly
(6) You should now have the results :
Oil = 29mls
Powder = 4 grams
BA = 0.80ml's
BB = 7.20mls

Notes: BB is not always needed in certain experiments BB = benzyl benzoate BA = benzyl alcohol
Enter Amount Required
Total oil in mL  40ml = 40
Dosage in mg/mL   250mg/ml = 250
Powder Weight  normally .75 to .94
BA percent  2% = 0.02
BB percent   20% = 0.20
Results - Amounts Needed
GSO / Carrier Oil - - ml's
Powder - - grams
BA - - ml's
BB - - ml's


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